Community Law & Mediation (CLM) is committed to the principles of transparency and accountability and works hard to ensure that all funding is put to the best possible and most efficient use.

CLM is a company limited by guarantee (Company Reg. No. 69771) and a charity recognised by the Revenue Commissioners (CHY No. CHY6359).  CLM is an independent law centre under the terms of the Solicitors Acts 1954-2002 (Independent Law Centres) Regulations 2006, SI 103/2006.

CLM is governed by a board of directors who provide guidance on the direction and development of the Service.

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Governance Code

The Board of Directors of CLM has adopted the Charities Regulator “Charities Governance Code”. The Board has committed to full compliance with the Code by the recommended time frame of 2020. This ensures full accountability and transparency for the charity going into the future. CLM is included in the listings on

Legal Quality Standard

We are proud to have been awarded the Legal Quality Standard (Q6000) and seek to renew this award every second year.  This is awarded to firms that abide by exceptional levels of client, practice and risk management procedures.

Financial Reporting

CLM submits full financial reports to its Board of Directors every six weeks and has its accounts independently audited on an annual basis.  Our financial policies and procedures are reviewed annually.

The Charities Regulator

CLM is fully registered with the Charities Regulator (Registered Charity Number 20011437) and submits its accounts and annual report annually to the Charities Regulator.

Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015

Working in the area of law reform, CLM is registered as a lobbyist in line with the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 and makes returns to the Lobbying Regulator every four months.

Annual Reports & Audited Accounts

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