Lindsey Liston

Lindsey’s area of interest and speciality lies in social and educational inequalities and the role education plays in shaping life outcomes. She received her PhD from NUI Maynooth, where her research explored the relationship between schooling and involvement with the Justice system.

Lindsey has 15 years of experience working in the Community and Voluntary Sector across Early Years, Youth Justice, Family Support and Community Development in underserved communities in Limerick. She is an active member of several Boards of Management and Advisory Groups in Schools, Restorative Practice, Development Companies, Community and Youth Centres and Access to Justice (including CLM Limerick Advisory Committee). She is the Chairperson of Southill HUB, the Chairperson of Paul Partnership Research and Evaluation Subgroup and recently completed a 3-year term as independent Chair of the Ballincurra/Weston Limerick Regeneration Residents Committee.

Currently she works at the University of Limerick in the area of Access and Widening Participation among underrepresented groups in Higher Education.

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