Social Welfare Appeal G0058

Year: 2014

Types of Social Welfare: Family Income Supplement, One-Parent Family Payment

Deciding Body: Chief Appeals Officer

The Appellant is a mother of four. She had been in receipt of the OPFP [or equivalent] since August 1994, shortly after the birth of her eldest child. The Appellant had twins in 1996 and the relevant increases were awarded on her claim. The Appellant’s fourth child was born in 2010.

Following an investigation by the Department of Social Protection [DSP], a decision was issued by a Deciding Officer on 12th February 2013, advising the Appellant that her payment was withdrawn for the reason that she was regarded as cohabiting with the father of her three eldest children. The Deciding Officer made the decision pursuant to section 302[b] of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005. The Appellant sought an appeal of the determination to an Appeals Officer. An oral hearing was held on the 14th January 2014.  The Appeals Officer disallowed the appeal on 10th February 2014.

The Appellant’s Family Income Supplement claim was also the subject of an appeal.  This payment had been disallowed as a consequence of the decision in respect of the OPFP; that is, the Department asserted that the Appellant should be treated as one of a couple rather than a one parent family.