Social Welfare Appeal G0086

Year: 2016

Type of Social Welfare: Carer’s Allowance

Deciding Body: Appeals Officer

This case relates to the decision by a Deciding Officer in November 2015 to stop payment of the Appellant’s Carer’s Allowance for the reason that he was no longer providing full time care for his wife, ‘the Caree’. The Deciding Officer’s decision was grounded in a report submitted by the Social Welfare Inspector (SWI), and a written statement submitted by the Appellant in which he advised that he was unable to care for his wife. The Appellant had been in receipt of Carers Allowance from April 2010 – November 2015.  There was no dispute with respect to the Caree’s on-going need for full time care; she was in receipt of Invalidity Pension, and suffered from multiple sclerosis and was prone to epileptic seizures.