Social Welfare Appeal G0087

Year: 2017

Type of Social Welfare: Guardian's Payment Contributory

Deciding Body: Deciding Officer

This case relates to the appeal of a decision, dated 21/09/2016, to refuse the Appellant Guardian’s Payment (Contributory) in order to care for her grandson (“the Child”).

The Appellant applied for Guardian’s Payment (Contributory) in respect of her grandson on 15 August 2016. By letter, dated 21st September 2016, the Appellant was notified that her clam was refused for the reason that the facts with respect to her grandson’s contact with his father, and the support provided by the Child’s father, were not consistent with the statutory definition of an “orphan” for the purpose of receiving the Guardian’s Payment (Contributory).

When submitting her application for the Guardian’s Payment, the Appellant completed a questionnaire in which she stated that her son, the father, provided support through the provision of uniform, books and clothing.  The Appellant further stated that the father had overnight access to his son at the weekends.  In view of this information, the Deciding Officer found the Child could not be regarded as an orphan within the meaning of the relevant statutory provision.