Social Welfare Appeal G0097

Year: 2017

Type of Social Welfare: Child Benefit

Deciding Body: Appeals Officer

This case relates to a decision of the Office of the Ombudsman regarding a complaint concerning a review by the Chief Appeals Officer (CAO) under Section 318 of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005 as amended (the 2005 Act). The CAO determined by way of decision dated 3 November 2015 that the Appeals Officer had not erred in law or in relation to the facts in determining the effective date of award of Child Benefit to the Appellant. While the Ombudsman requested that the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (the Department) backdate payment to January 2012 in view of the decision in DN and Anor v Chief Appeals Officer and Ors, the complaint ultimately was not upheld.  It is clear from the decision of the Ombudsman that upon receiving the request from the Ombudsman to backdate the payment the Department refused to do so on the basis that s 246 (8) of the 2005 Act removes any discretion to backdate a claim for Child Benefit for periods where a claimant’s right of residence has not been declared or permitted.