How can our Centre for Environmental Justice help you?

Our mission

The Centre for Environmental Justice’s mission is to engage, inform and mobilise individuals, community groups and organisations on environmental injustice; to empower and equip individuals, community groups and organisations to challenge environmental injustice using the law; and to ensure environmental policy addresses inequality and is informed by the needs of marginalised communities.

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How can we help you?

The Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) offers a range of services which can help you. These services include:

  1. Free legal advice clinics in the area of environmental justice
  2. Community talks, training and information resources
  3. Policy and law reform work

To stay in touch about our services, please sign up to our monthly, dedicated Centre for Environmental Justice newsletter.

Free legal advice clinics on environmental justice

These clinics run on a fortnightly basis and can take place either in person in our head office or Zoom. The clinics can assist with a range of queries, including:

  • Health concerns arising from air or water pollution
  • Illegal dumping/ littering
  • The burning of private waste
  • Homes at risk of flooding
  • Flooding or lack of flooding infrastructure in high-risk areas
  • Poor housing conditions (cold, damp)
  • Poor sanitation or access to clean water
  • Lack of access to green space, parks etc.
  • Noise pollution
  • Energy costs and access to retrofitting schemes or fuel allowance
  • Pollution of freshwaters and marine waters,
  • Inadequate traffic/ cycling infrastructure
  • Dereliction
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Industrial mining, coal extraction and fracking gas
  • Difficulty accessing information on environmental issues.

If you have an environmental concern and need free legal advice, you can fill out our online booking form and we will ring you about your query. You can also call us on 01 847 7804 or email to book a free consultation with a lawyer specialising in the area.

Talks, training and information resources

We deliver environmental justice training and talks to build capacity among organisations, community groups, and activists. These include topics such as Energy Poverty in Ireland, Environmental Rights, Environment and Health, Environment and Housing, Environment and Children’s Rights.

We provide updates on when our training is taking place on our website under our events section, across our social media channels – X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – and through our dedicated mailing list.

To view recordings of previous webinars, including our Know your Environmental Rights webinar series, please click here.

If you would like our Centre for Environmental Justice to present to your team or speak at an event, please contact our Education team at

Policy and law reform work

Our vision in the Centre for Environmental Justice rests on the full realisation of fundamental rights for all, ensuring people’s needs are met within a socially just and ecologically sustainable economy and society.

We seek to advance legislative and policy change through strategic casework and law reform.

In our first landmark climate case, we are representing Friends of the Irish Environment in a legal challenge over the Irish Government’s failure to show with a sufficient level of specificity that the Climate Action Plan 2023 and its Annex of Actions will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with Ireland’s legally binding carbon budgets – a breach of the Government’s legal duties under the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 (as amended). Read more about the case here and about our policy work and submissions here.

How can you get in touch with the Centre for Environmental Justice?

To access free legal advice, please fill out our online booking form which is linked here.

If you are looking to engage with any of the services offered by the Centre for Environmental Justice, and want to speak to our team, please contact us on 01 847 7804 or email us at

If you have an idea for a project or a collaboration with the Centre for Environmental Justice, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at


I can’t be more thankful for all the help received from this service. Truly great service and lovely people to deal with. Felt listened to from the start and received help and ongoing support throughout the whole thing, as well as follow up to see if the issue had been resolved.

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