Submission on the National Adaptation Framework

Ireland’s statutory National Adaptation Framework (NAF) was established under the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act of 2015. It represents Ireland’s strategy to mitigate vulnerability to climate change.

In our submission on the National Adaptation Framework, we make a number of recommendations to enhance Ireland’s adaptive capacity and resilience in the face of climate change, including:

  • Just Adaptation: Define Adaptation Objectives via National Resilience Indicators
  • Public Participation: include communities and civil society
  • Public Health: should be continually assessed to evaluate the effectiveness of adaptation
  • Coastal Environments and the Built Environment: the Right to Adequate Housing
  • Governance & Resourcing: scale-up adaptation funding across the board
  • Policy Coherence: enhanced coordination is necessary

Our submission also cautions that neglecting considerations of justice and due process in climate change adaptation can result “maladaptation,” exacerbating burdens or even heightening risks for specific regions or demographics. This is particularly concerning given that those most at risk to the worst impacts of the climate crisis have typically contributed least to the problem.

Read our submission in full here: