Submission on the ‘Climate Conversations’ – Climate Action Plan 2021

We welcome this broad ranging consultation on the 2021 Climate Action Plan.

It is imperative that this consultation be undertaken and the resultant plan be implemented in a way that responds to the needs of individuals and communities experiencing disadvantage and who are vulnerable to the negative impacts of both climate change and climate responses. These communities have contributed the least to climate change yet are least equipped to cope with its impacts; they are at serious risk of being disproportionately burdened by State responses to climate change.

Our submission broadly engages on the method of consultation and a consideration of whether or not the method is compliant with the Aarhus Convention and is truly participative.

We make the following  recommendations:

  • Design and implementation of a human rights and equality matrix to be part of the consultation process, thus promoting full public engagement and participation on environmental matters.
  • Overall transparency and openness in relation to the consultation process such that the terms of reference are made publicly available.
  • Proper resourcing and capacity building supports to enable full community engagement so the voices of communities experiencing disadvantage are heard.
  • Robust provision of environmental information to inform engagement of individuals and communities.
  • Reduced emphasis on the burden on the individual to take climate action and a greater recognition of the broader systemic changes that will be necessary.

Read our submission in full here.