Book Mediation and Conflict Coaching

How can I book into mediation or conflict coaching?

To book into our free mediation or conflict coaching services, please contact us on 01-847 7804. Alternatively, email to find out more about mediation and conflict coaching and the process involved.

All of our conflict coaches and mediators have completed conflict management training and received accreditation from the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland.

What should I expect from a Mediation session?

During mediation , you will need to be willing to work to resolve issues and to work through your difficulties. You should expect to discuss your position and try to listen to the other party too. You will have an opportunity to voice concerns and to speak without interruption.

CLM employs a co-mediation model, involving two mediators in the mediation sessions. Mediation begins with the mediators meeting both parties separately to explain mediation. This enables each party to discuss the issue(s) that require addressing. It allows them to determine what they would like from mediation. Once both parties agree to proceed a further meeting is arranged and the process begins. At this point, parties will sign an Agreement to Mediate. This agreement explains the ground rules for parties involved, how and when the mediation process will be conducted.

What can you expect from coaching in conflict resolution?

The coach will help you to:

  • Discover and understand the underlying factors that are contributing to the dispute
  • Move through any rough spots you experience when dealing with conflict
  • Explore what “sets you off” through focused questions and observations
  • Re-examine your assumptions about the conflict, and see another point of view
  • Practice constructive approaches to handling the dispute
  • Explore all options that can help you resolve the dispute
    Have a better understanding of how you deal with conflict, and strengthen your conflict resolution skills