Know your Rights and other talks

Community Law & Mediation regularly deliver free legal and Know Your Rights talks in the community.

What know your rights talks do Community Law & Mediation provide?

We provide online and in person know your rights talks covering legal issues affecting communities areas such as employment, family law, debt, social welfare, housing and mediation.

Who will deliver the legal talks?

Our qualified solicitors at Community Law & Mediation are experienced at delivering legal talks at schools, universities, workplaces and community centres. Visit our Meet the Team page to learn more about our team of subject matter experts.

Why are know your rights talks important?

We believe in the importance of educating all different members of the community on knowing their rights. Community members can feel more empowered to participate in effective dialogue to ensuring their own rights or the rights of the groups they belong to are being met.

Wider education of legal rights is also useful for encouraging a proactive approach to ensure legal rights are not violated particularly in groups or organisations.

Legal talks can be important to advocate for issues such as environmental justice.

I would like to invite Community Law & Mediation to deliver a legal talk, how can I get in touch?

If you have a group who you would like us to give a talk to on any of the above areas of law, please email

Watch our online know your rights talk on Environmental Rights.