The Covid-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for many about what’s happening with their jobs and about how they will be able to afford to pay their rent and bills if they become unemployed, even temporarily.

In this podcast series, we try to answer just some of the questions we have been asked in our legal advice clinics in relation to your employment, social welfare and housing obligations and rights.

In this podcast,  mediator Niamh Byrne who volunteers with CLM explains what mediation is and how it can help you , a family member or a friend.

In this podcast, Solicitor Ruth Barry provides an update on access to social welfare payments during the Covid-19 restrictions.

In this podcast, learn more about Conflict Coaching, a structured process that helps people to develop their skills to effectively engage in and manage interpersonal conflict.

In this podcast recorded on Live95FM`s Limerick Today show, our CEO Rose Wall talks about the benefits of mediation as an alternative way for parties involved in a dispute to resolve their issues and reach an agreement.

In this episode, Solicitor Ruth Barry discusses how parents should approach access and maintenance  during the Covid 19 emergency period.

In this episode, Managing Solicitor  Jane O’Sullivan discusses employment and social welfare during Covid-19:

In this episode, Solicitor Siobhan O’Donoghue discusses your rent obligations as a private tenant during the Covid-19 period: