Centre for Environmental Justice

Community Law & Mediation has opened a new Centre for Environmental Justice to provide legal, advocacy and education services on environmental justice issues. The Centre is the first of its kind in Ireland.

What is Environmental Justice?

Environmental Justice ensures that marginalised groups are not disproportionately impacted by climate change or other environmental harms, and that the State’s response to environmental challenges is informed by the principles of inclusivity and fairness.


Why are we setting up a Centre for Environmental Justice?

In our community law centres in Dublin and Limerick, we have seen how climate change interacts with the issues experienced by the communities we work with, including energy poverty, housing, employment and health. We are already working with communities affected by issues linked to environmental justice, including flooding, health concerns related to poor air quality, and poor housing conditions.

The Centre is a response to the challenges of climate change and to the impacts of measures being taken to address climate change.


What will the Centre do?

The objective of the Centre for Environmental Justice is to empower communities experiencing disadvantage on environmental justice issues and advance legislative and policy change through strategic casework and law reform. It will do this through:

  • Legal advice through a regular legal advice clinic, starting in February 2021
  • Training and information resources for community and environmental groups
  • Law reform and policy work.

Get in Touch

To book into our environmental justice legal advice clinic, held monthly, or to find out more about our training and community talks on environmental justice, contact us on 018477804 or by email to info@communitylawandmediation.ie.


Advocating for Change

Check out our recent submissions on the Climate Action and Low Carbon (Amendment) Bill 2020 and the Housing and Planning and Development Bill 2019 here

News Updates

There has been lots of interest in the new Centre for Environmental Justice – check out some recent the recent coverage here.

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