Environmental Rights Webinar Series 2023

  • Why is access to environmental information a critically important right?
  • What does public participation in environmental decision-making actually mean?
  • When is it necessary to bring legal cases to protect environmental rights – and who gets to go to Court?

Join Community Law & Mediation’s Centre for Environmental Justice and guest speakers for a webinar series on environmental rights where legal experts, journalists, and activists will explain why environmental rights matter and how individuals and organisations can benefit from exercising these rights.

When will Environmental Rights Webinar Series 2023 happen?

We are running this three-part event over three installments:

  • 12th October 2023 from 10-11am: Access to Information on the Environment
  • 19th October 2023 from 10-11am: Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making
  • 26th October 2023 from 10-11am: Access to Justice on Environmental Matters

Register here for free: https://environmental-rights.eventbrite.com

Who is this webinar useful for?

This webinar series is free and open to all. However, we would strongly encourage those with no prior knowledge of environmental rights or the Aarhus Convention to join, as well as those working with organisations or grassroots groups on issues related to health, housing, social inclusion, poverty, anti-discrimination, or equality. Environmental rights are fundamentally connected to these issues, and may provide new perspectives in thinking about how such issues can be addressed.

Event Details:

Thursday October 12th from 10-11am: Access to Information on the Environment

Speakers are:

  • Eoin Brady, Fred Logue Solicitors: What AIE is, what type of information can be requested, case law examples
  • Niall Sargent, Noteworthy : How AIE is used in practice, how a person can make an AIE request, what to do if an AIE is refused

Thursday October 19th from 10-11am: Public participation in Environmental Decision-Making

Speakers are:

  • Dr. Alison Hough BL: An overview of what public participation means: eg what participation can look like, different ways of participating (eg public consultations, campaigning, lobbying) at the national level down to the local, and relevant case law for public participation in the Irish context.
  • TBC

Thursday October 26th from 10-11am: Access to Justice on Environmental Matters

Speakers are:

  • Rose Wall, CLM: barriers in accessing justice in environmental matters in Ireland, particularly for those most vulnerable to environmental harm, and the need to protect access to justice in Ireland.
  • Ida Edling, Swedish Aurora Climate Case