In the past 5 years, Community Law & Mediation has assisted more than 15,000 people through our free legal advice and representation; information and education; and mediation and conflict coaching services. We have also campaigned for law reform, and for the safeguarding of rights already enshrined in law, on a range of issues which affect our clients.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, our services have been beyond capacity, with huge demand for advice and support in relation to employment, housing and family issues in particular.

Our free legal advice clinics and mediation services have provided much needed support for concerned workers, people experiencing domestic violence or family disputes and people struggling to pay their rent and their bills during this very stressful time.

Read our latest Impact Report here.

number of people assisted and/or legal issues advised on through our range of services in 2020: legal; mediation; and education
Increase in people seeking information and advice in relation to employment during Covid-19
volunteer barristers, solicitors and mediators

I was feeling isolated and lacking in confidence and if it weren’t for the fact that someone was at the end of a phone line to provide advice and support, I think things would’ve ended very differently

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