Social Welfare Appeal G0042

This case relates to an application for Disablement Benefit. The Appellant’s level of disablement was initially assessed at 7%. In 2009, it was reassessed at 1%. This decision was appealed. On appeal, the Appeals Officer (AO) found the degree of disablement to be 3%. In 2011, NCLC requested a revision of this decision under section 317 of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005 submitting that the decision of the AO was erroneous in light of new evidence. In 2012, the AO revised his decision, and the Appellant’s level of disablement was found to be 6%.

Social Welfare Appeal 03-06-2004

Appellant was on Disability/Occupational Injury Benefit for one year. Her benefit was revoked as of 15/08/03 on the basis of a medical assessment that stated Appellant was fit for other categories of work.